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Up Coming Shows Updated and Custom Order Info

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 7:28 PM

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Little Happy Dragon on E-bay

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 17, 2014, 4:00 PM

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Your Art on Products

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 8:36 PM

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ACEO Auction Last Day

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 31, 2014, 12:58 PM

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FaceBook Giveaway

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 13, 2014, 2:11 PM

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Baby Goblin ending today

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 10, 2014, 2:18 PM

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Jewelry Sale

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 4:17 PM

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Baby Pixies

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 21, 2013, 9:37 AM

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this cute little pixie is looking for a home

Baby Pixie by The-GoblinQueen
Baby Goblin in nest by The-GoblinQueen
Little baby goblin is ending today!…
I'll also be listing an new baby pixie later tonight ^_^ 
Gizmo is ending today! CLICK HERE  
Gizmo Silversprocket The Watchmaker goblin doll by The-GoblinQueen

New baby goblin up for adoption.  This little guy will be listed on E-bay later today.
Meet "Gizmo Silversprocket"
He is a watchmaker that likes to "borrow" human size watches so he can make ones for goblins

This guy has taken the longest so fare of any of my dolls.  He has a ball jointed neck so he can look up & down & from side to side.  He stands about 9" tall with a polymer clay head & soft sculpture body.

Gizmo Silversprocket The Watchmaker goblin doll by The-GoblinQueen 
Gizmo Silversprocket the goblin art doll by The-GoblinQueen
I've been working hard on a new line of limited edition resin cast jewelry 

Original is sculpted in Monster Clay & then made into a mold.  Sadly the original is pretty distorted and unusable after the mold is made.  You can only get so many cast from one mold before it looses too much detail so they are truly limited editions.  I have no idea how many I'll make of each design so get them while you can! After the resin is cast I still have to clean them up with sanding and carving & then each one is hand-painted.  So a lot of work goes into each pendant.  They shimmer in the sun ^_^ and look so much better in person.
Chinese dragon pendants by The-GoblinQueen  I've listed a few… 
Starting bid is half the buy it now price.  If you would like to order one for the holidays just let me know & I can show you images of all the colors I have.  I won't be doing any custom painted ones just let, because I don't think I would have time to get it shipped before the holidays.  But they will be available in custom colors soon! 

For the holidays I'll be offering FREE worldwide shipping on full priced pendants (not half priced auctions sorry).  Pendants are $15 (Naga & Wyvern) & $20 (Chinese dragon & Unicorn) each or $15 each if you buy 2 or more.  

Unicorn pendants by The-GoblinQueen
One on the left is SOLD one on the right is up for auction…

Dragon pendants by The-GoblinQueen 
Naga Dragon Pendants by The-GoblinQueen
I still don't take "true" commissions but I have added 2 new custom commissions here on DA.  You can pay with real money or DA points ^_^ You can now order a custom baby goblin or fairy & custom Pixie dragons. 

If you have any questions about custom orders just send me a note.  I'm still not doing any needle felting or plush customs at this time.  Sorry but my hands still can't take it.  Sculpting is painful at times but nothing like hand sewing or needle felting, the pain is just to much.  So if you send me a note asking if I'll make something that's needle felted you're more than likely not going to hear back from me.  Also I DO NOT & not longer do copyrighted characters, sorry.  That includes game characters, movie & TV, etc.  So no I will no longer be making the fire gangs, pokemon or anything like that.  I might make one offs of some of my favorite characters to sale in the future but it will be a long way down the line. 

The listed custom items will be limited, so grab them while you can ^_^

Still working on getting the baby dragon wyvern doll all ready for kickstarter 
More work in progress can be seen…;
Cast tiny dragon head by The-GoblinQueen 
Dragon Horns by The-GoblinQueen
Still working on the pattern & castings.  I want this little guy to be perfect so I'm super picky LOL  Once I get the first one made the Kickstarter will go live. Dragons will be $40 on Kickstart and free shipping inside the US.  So you'll save around $25 & get a limited first edition ($10 off the later release price of $50 and free shipping, so another about $15 off). I'm still working on how to do international because of the shipping, sadly anyone outside the US will still have to pay for shipping but you'll still be saving $10 off the later release price.  

:iconomfgitsbutter: This awesome artist will be at MonsterCon this weekend more
Poe the Black and Purple Vulture Posable Art Doll by omfgitsbutter
Earring Display Base Painted by omfgitsbutter
Smiling Green Dragon Sculpture by omfgitsbutter

:iconeviecats: Another awesome doll artist 
Lily Whelp Posable Doll by Eviecats
Wilson the Wolf-Spider Posable Art Doll by Eviecats
Blue Phoenix Doll by Eviecats

I've been thinking about starting a Kickstarter campaign

Why? Well because last week I started working on a mini dragon doll.  I sculpted the head & feet & then cast them in resin.  I'm really happy about how they came out but I only cast 4 dragons & I need more RTV for molds, more resin, more supplies for the bodies, more eyes, well you get the idea.  Normally like most artist I would just wait until I had extra funds, & try to get a little at a time. Or make something else, hope it sales & put the money toward more supplies (never ending cycle of art)  The issue with RTV is unless you buy in bulk it's over priced, the same is true about the resin.  To buy in bulk you need money, & I have like $20 to my name.....

So the idea would be, get enough funds though kickstarter to get the dragons off the ground & really produce them, say 100 dragons the first time around.  What does that mean to everyone out there? Well the better price I can get the RTV & resin for the lower I can sale the dragons for.  Right now, with cost as is, each dragon doll would need to be about $100 + shipping.  If I can raise enough via Kickstarter I can cut that down to $50 + shipping.

How it would work: I would set a goal I need to meet say $500 & everyone that helped would get something.  A small piece of artwork all the way up to a cast custom art doll. Then there would be stretch goals if $500 was met, like a new dragon sculpt, other wing options, etc. 

Why am I posting a journal about this?  Well I want everyones impute about this.  Do you like crowd funded campaigns like Kickstarter for getting projects off the ground? Or should I go to the bank & ask for a business loan?

You can see the work in progress of the dragon art doll… (last picture)

Feature::iconalviaalcedo: AlviaAlcedo
One of my favorite dragon artist of all time.  I dream about dragons like these ^_^ 
Tropical butterfly dragon -tattoo design by AlviaAlcedo Welsh dragon by AlviaAlcedo
Water dragon  -  tattoo design by AlviaAlcedo
Dragon of a violet moon by AlviaAlcedo
I heard about this poor… That was involved in a hit & run
Lumen was hit and run over by a car on July 24 and is now in the care of Texas Husky Rescue. She has displacement/fracture of her pelvis, scrapes/cuts, and bruised lungs. 

In an effort to help Texas Husky Rescue… 
raise money for her bills I'm selling a new & very special design…
All profits from the items sold on that CafePress site I will be donating to Texas Husky Rescue. Please help spread the word!
Keep Calm and Adopt A Husky T-shirt by The-GoblinQueen It's currently available on clothing, but I will be adding the design to other products soon.  
Belladonna Lacewing by The-GoblinQueen 
Meet "Belladonna Lacewing" my first ever female goblin.  Yes she has wings like a fairy but who says goblins can't have wings ^_^ She's about 9" tall, fully posable with glittery wings.  She's listed…  You can also read her full story & see lots more pictures there. 

I am opening up a limited amount of commissions to help pay off vet bills.  You can read more about it…  Sorry no needle felted commissions because my hands still can't take that, but I can do mini plush, pixie dragons or mini paintings.  

Yeah they are pipe cleaners...mind blown.....
Small Thylacine by afiriti 
Pipe Cleaner Wolf by afiriti
Pipe Cleaner Okami 2 by afiriti

Phyllobates terribilis by Smauch
Dirkje by Smauch

Natsu the summer caribou poseable sculpture/doll! by CreaturesofNat
SOLD Poseable ring tailed lemur art doll by CreaturesofNat
Winner of the "Hidden in the Forest" contest by :icongrimgloomtale:
hunting in the woods by crisquinu
 By :iconcrisquinu:
Merida by crisquinu walking through candlelights with pascal by crisquinu Long hair tinkerbell by crisquinu Nany, in a fairy style by crisquinu

Second Place
White Boar by joolitaby :iconjoolita:
Serpent Priestess by joolita before the battle by joolita

Third Place was a tie between
Forest Family by TrollGirlby :icontrollgirl:Take a Walk by Madame-Hobnob by :iconmadame-hobnob:
 To Find Peace by TrollGirl  Breath of Life by TrollGirl  
Krampus by Madame-Hobnob The Four Seasons by Madame-Hobnob

Also set up a funding campaign to help with vet bills…
Just set up a PayPal donation link…;
or any donations can be sent to
Anyone that donates will get a special thank you gift!! 

Saturday Luna went in for her last vaccines & Koda came alone.  He wasn't due for anything, just wanted to go.  We had talked to the vet before about the 6 month heart worm treatment shot called ProHeart 6.  I had just been waiting for Koda to stop growing.  The vet tech pointed out that the shot has a weight range.  So we decided to go with it & did the 20lb to 50lb range, Koda is 37lbs & they didn't think he would get over 50lbs within 6 months.  As we're checking out Koda begins to scream, I'm still having nightmares about it.  He flops down on the floor & goes into Anaphylaxis shock.  The quick response of the vet & the whole staff is the only thing that saved his life.  I'm so gratefully to them all, and counting myself lucky that we where not at home.  If we had been at home he would not have made it :( 
Koda spent all day Saturday at the vet & was then transferred to the animal emergency clinic for overnight observation.  

I'm so happy to report that Koda is doing well.  We are now out of the scary 24 hour period.  While Koda is not 100% better yet he is doing great, eating & drinking & even playing with Luna.

To help raise some money to pay of the vet bill.  I'm offering 20% off anything in my Etsy store…;
Just use the code FBFANS 

I'm also selling of some Windstone dragons & other collectables.  And I have lots of art supplies for sale if anyone is interested.  

I'm thinking about having a "fund raiser" auction on Outbid as soon as I can organize everything 

If anyone is looking for anything art related just let me know.  I can also offer a few small commissions like ACEOs, paintings, small sculptures like Pixie Dragons, and small plush dragons. 

Baby Koda Koda by The-GoblinQueen
Koda & Luna Huskies by The-GoblinQueen

Now a waring to all Pet owner:

I knew a little about the ProHeart 6 before we thought about giving it to Koda, and some of you may know that I've worked as a vet tech. Koda has never had a reaction to any type of drug, vaccine, or anything before.  If he had I would not have done the ProHeart 6 & the vet would not have recommended it. With that said I do wish I would have read more about the drug, knowing what I know now, aside from Koda's reaction I would not have given it to him.  It was pulled from the market in 2004 because it was killing dogs & making them sick.  It was rereleased in 2008, with no changes to the drug or formal, just a new small warning label.  Now when it was rereleased in 2008 it was marketed as a "new" drug even though nothing had changed.  And when I worked as a vet tech we where never told about any warning or side effects only that it could not be used on dogs over 8 years old & not to use it on dogs with known allergies.  Again Koda has no allergies at all. The drug was original created not as a heart worm preventive but an aggressive treatment for dogs that already had heart worms. The side effect was it kept dogs heart worm free for about 6 months, so the name was changed & the formula a very little & it was marketed as a heart worm preventative. Now I don't know if this is true or not but employes at PetsMart said that the drug was suppose to be pulled again this year.  The scary thing is some dogs do fine the first time or even the 3rd, then it's the 4th time that makes them sick or kills them. My grandmother has her dog on the treatment, but not anymore. So please warning anyone you know that has dogs, or at least let them know the risks involved.  
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I normally don't relist items but because 20% is going to a good cause I thought I would try again.  Fairy starts at only $29.95 & has FREE shipping inside the US.  You can even use Bill Me Later as away to pay ^_^

Baby fairy in hand by The-GoblinQueen…

Name change:
I'm sure everyone knows by now I changed my name here on DA. Well I had been debating if I wanted to keep Feather Heart Creations, because that name came about when I was doing mostly plush birds.  I had planned to keep making stuffed animals & needle felted plush but because of my wrist injures that really wasn't an option.
So while I still own the name Feather Heart Creations I'm putting that to the side. What's the new business name? Simply "The Whimsical Art of Nina Bolen" most everything will be updated to that, or Nina Bolen, or The Goblin Queen, as a user name on websites & forums (when that's not taken) So my blogs, twitter, FaceBook & so on will change.

Formally known as Feather Heart Creations, as an artist I'm switching gears a bit and changing what I make.  I was once a plush maker & needle felting artist but due to wrist pain I can no longer do that full time.  So I've begun making art dolls, soft posable dolls with hand sculpted heads.  These little guys have actually been in the works for years, but had been set aside for commissions & other orders.  Don't worry there will still be dragons from time to time, but my main focus will be goblins, fairies & pixies. I hope you'll join me on this new & exciting journey!

For now my web address will still be at least until I run out of business cards & post cards. Links like facebook will also be the same for now, but the name has changed.

New links are:…

To be up to date on all links & when my website will change you can join my mailing list… Plus you'll be the first to know when items are listed for sale, about shows & specials & commission info.

The Sky Is Beautiful by Xenesthis741 Prince Shotoku's Out-of-place Artifact by Xenesthis741 :iconxenesthis741:

Book of Fire by DarkAcey Book of Water by DarkAcey :icondarkacey:

blue/purple mini dragon by kimrhodes dragon sculpture - painted by kimrhodes :iconkimrhodes:

No Commissions by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke (check my page under commissions, no commissions on dolls or plush sorry) Trades - Closed by SweetDuke
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